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Tinkering Projects

The following are the tinkering projects we brainstormed up a few weeks ago. We are not necessarily going to do all of them, they are just ideas:

Project Idea Est. Time Est. Difficulty(1-4) Est. Cost Status
make a robot 2yrs. 4 $100-$900 Study / Design
Make a Radio 2 days 1 $10 Not Started
make a website 4 days 2 $10 designing/building
make shockers 2 hour 1 0 studying
study computer animation ??? 2 $0 Not Started
learn morse code a few days 2 $0 Not Started
study geology 20-60min. 2 $0 Not Started
talk about crystals 20-60min. 2 $0 Not Started
study electricity 20-60min. 2 $0 Not Started
make a movie 2day 1 $0 Not Started
make solar powered attic fan 2mo. 3.5 $60 Not Started
make computer game 6mo. 4 $0 Not Started
make Xbox 360 game 6mo. 4 ? Not Started
solar panels for the whole house 7mo. 4 $9,000 Not Started
build a model roller coaster 1mo. 2 $200 Not Started
anti-gravity experiment 3day 1 $10 Not Started
grape plasma experiment 2hr. 0 $3 Finished. Do again!
make a train around our house 4mo. 2.5 $2,500 Not Started
electro static generator 2mo. 3 $30-100 Not Started
bike pulley system 1hr. 2 $50 Not Started
make a game console 1yr. 4.5 $500 Not Started
make gas 3wk. 3 ?$40 Not Started
solar powered car 3yr. 4.5+ $10,000 Not Started

Please send us an email if you have any great ideas for projects, and also try these out!

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