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Getting back into it

by on Feb.07, 2011, under Uncategorized

We decided it was high time to do some tinkering again today.

That took the form of a trip to our Radio Shack (I know, I know… but they’re the only thing around).  We got a “Getting Started with Electronics” book, K got her own soldering iron, and we got a PCB for R’s light alarm.  I started through the book with the kids, and oddly enough, it didn’t hold a certain 8-yr old’s attention.  The other two got into it.  We only covered basic electricity and resistance for now.

Showing off her new soldering iron

Showing off her new soldering iron

Going from a breadboarded circuit to a PCB is kind of difficult, we are learning.  Especially when you neglected to note some of the capacitor substitutions made when building the circuit — the schematic has the ideal values, not what we ended up with.  (oops).  We have a few things put onto the PCB with their leads bent to hold them in place, but nothing soldered yet.

Oh, I forgot the most important purchase.  A pair of “Helping Hands

All our purchases

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